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Chesterfield's friendly and welcoming pre-school

Daisy Chain Day Nursery is a pre-school in Chesterfield that offers quality education and care for your child.

Safe and stimulating learning environment

Our classrooms are designed to complement the developmental needs of each child. We have used natural lighting, soft colours and uncluttered spaces. This enables and inspires children to feel free and comfortable. We have three different kinds of rooms, which are designed based on the age group of the children.

Pre-school rooms feature low sinks, chairs and tables. All learning materials and toys are displayed on accessible shelves; these elements allow independence and help develop motor skills. Our rooms are warm and well-organised to make children feel at home.

Babies - Blue Room

Full and part time care is offered to babies from around 3 months of age. There is a very high ratio of staff to babies allowing us to provide the level of attention that all parents will be aware that their children demand at this age.

Our babies will enjoy our soft play area and stimulating play equipment in an environment, which has been particularly suited to the needs of very young children.
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Toddlers - Red Room

Our toddler rooms provide a learning environment designed for their particular needs. The children are offered a wealth of creative and learning experiences carefully structured to allow a balanced approach to achieving our “Early Years Foundation Stage” (EYFS) framework. All of this coupled with a choice of free play, musical activities and essential rest periods.
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Pre-School Children – Green Room

At approximately 3 years of age your child will move in to our pre-school room. Here the children are encouraged to learn through direct experience within an environment that is both caring and stimulating. We aim to promote learning, activity and development and to ensure that we provide the physical resources to allow this to happen. We work in partnership with parents to ensure that all our children are equipped with the necessary skills they will need to make the transition from nursery to school.

Daily routines encourage independence, discipline is considered important and children are encouraged to behave within acceptable boundaries. We expect children to value one another as individuals, to take pride in their achievements and show consideration for the environment that they share.
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children's play area
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